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Gustav and Nargis

Gustav is bringing back memories of Nargis, and I can’t stop but keep thinking about many ifs.   More than 130,000 lives were lost, 1.3 million people severely affected, and many still can’t return to their before-Nargis life.  I wonder whether things might change if

1) the government had latest meteorology equipment and could detect cyclones better

2) the government heeded the warnings by the Indian meteorological department on Nargis

3) the government warned the entire country about seriousness of the cyclone and did not tell that the force would be weakened when it made the landfall

4) the government used all its resources including military to travel to the delta, warn the locals, and evacuate them

5) the government let all local, national and international agencies help right after the cyclone

6) the government postponed Referendum but diverted all its attention to relief activities

7) the government did not pose any restrictions on relief work

the list can go on forever…

The biggest ‘if’ is, whether things might change if the government treated its citizens as one of them, and simply, as human.




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