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Saturday musings

I went swimming today, but I shouldn’t really say swimming, because I can’t swim.  I just kicked my legs madly while holding a floating board tight.  I didn’t dare going past the half-way mark, as I couldn’t touch the floor beyond that point.  

Thoughts of lifeguards having to rescue me in that tiny pool prevented me from swimming beyond that point.  I thought watote was embarrassed with my swimming (kicking) style, though he didn’t show it.  He might be bemused all the same.  

 When I left the gym, I saw a group of middle-aged men near the entrance of the building.  At least five of them had shaved heads, and I was alarmed at some point.  Though I don’t think neo-Nazi skinheads had any business around the university union, seeing a group of men with shaved-heads triggered anxiety.  And I started to wonder whether it is a normal feeling for a non-white immigrant or am I too self-conscious of my skin colour?

 When I got to school, main doors were shut and signs were posted outside, saying that the 24-hour access was suspended.  I then suddenly knew that the rest of my day was going to be wasted.  All my books were inside, and I won’t be able to go to my office until Monday morning.  And watote’s  computer doesn’t have Zawgyi installed, but this does not stop me from blogging (apparently).


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