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GIRI relief pictures

You could see the extent of damage by GIRI and LEAD relief work on



2 thoughts on “GIRI relief pictures

  1. LEAD လုပ္ရပ္ကို သာဓုေခၚပါတယ္။ ဆထက္ထမ္းပိုး ကူညီႏိုင္ၾကပါေစ။

    Posted by ပိုင္ (Pi) | 01/11/2010, 22:46
  2. lead ၏ ဒါန ကို သာဓု ေခၚပါတယ္ …
    mmg အဖြဲ႕လည္း ပါ၀င္လွဴဒါန္းမႈ ျပဳခဲံပါေၾကာင္း …

    Posted by nyeinsoeoo | 13/11/2010, 09:43

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