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a bit of a sick joke to our consumer culture

A tooth-brush salesman came back to the depot without being able to sell a single tooth-brush. His line manager screamed…, ‘Not a single one sold? Damn it! What’s yr salespitch?’.
salesman: What’s salespitch?
manager: Well, it’s a sort of gimmick that makes your customers want to buy your products.
salesman: Ok, i’ll get one tomorrow.
The following day, the salesman went out for his routine, and managed to sell every single toothbrush.
Apparently the manager’s very plsed.
the manager: That’s astonishing. What’s your salespitch?
salesman:I’ll tell u in a min. But try tasting this.
and he handed over a paste-like stuff.
the manager tasted and screamed, ‘Jeez! It tastes like shit. What’s that?’
salesman: It is SHIT. Now do you want to buy one?



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